From the small courtyards of Turin to the most luxurious homes throughout the world

It was 1930 when a group of craftsmen began to meet up in the courtyards and small workshops in Turin. Here they carded wools and horsehair, made mattresses and bedstraws with utmost care and craftsmanship and then displayed and sold their creations at local fairs.

Over the years, the passion, talent and skill were enriched with cutting-edge technologies, more evolved production methods, high quality raw materials and sophisticated stylistic research. This evolution allowed Altrenotti to get out of the small workshops in Turin and reach the most exclusive, elegant and sophisticated homes and hotels throughout the world.


People at the centre

The values and dreams made of love for one’s job and care of quality have become part of the company’s identity and are a recognisable sign of Altrenotti’s products.

Behind the success and the quality there is a team of motivated and enthusiastic experts and craftsmen that keep the family tradition going every day, at the same time also focussing on innovation and internationalization.


Since 1888 overseas and since 1930 in Italy, with passion and devotion for four generations


Wellness passes through sleep

We have nurtured the culture of sleep with attention and passion for almost a century. Indeed, sleeping well means living better and helps the body and mind stay healthy.

Altrenotti is therefore committed to searching for the best technical and stylistic solutions to offer everyone a correct “wellness system”.

Sleeping well means a mattress that adapts to our body and needs, and not only. A good night’s sleep also passes through the pleasurable sensations offered by the bed linen and furnishings of the bedroom we sleep in, from the choice of the bed to the furnishing accessories.

All this without forgetting our customers’ needs.


Research and sustainability

Caring for the well-being of the person is closely related to attention to the materials and manufacturing processes. For this reason, Altrenotti invests in research, becoming a place of meeting and study, the junction point between tradition and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

The company’s “Research and Development Centre” performs in-depth studies to guarantee processes that are responsible and respectful also towards the environment. 


Quality and Raw Materials

From traditional, noble raw materials to modern ones developed by Altrenotti’s research and innovation department. The manufacturing of every Altrenotti product starts from the choice of the high-quality raw materials to guarantee utmost comfort and wellness.


Certified quality standards

Appreciated by an international clientele, Altrenotti’s professionalism and quality have been recognized by leading sector certification systems.

ISO 9001:0015

ISO 9001:0015 certification that attests the company’s attention to the quality management system based on the main principles of the international standard.

CE Medical Devices

Altrenotti’s mattresses have obtained CE marking for Medical Devices. This certification is a guarantee of compliance with European standards regarding medical devices (recognized also outside the European Union) and attests that the company complies with the standards and stringent safety and efficacy requirements as established in attachment I to directive 93/42/CEE as amended, implemented in Italy with Legislative Decree 46/97.

Class 1 IM Certification

Many of Altrenotti’s products – especially those for the hotel and hospitality sector – have obtained Classe 1 IM certification regarding fire retardant fabrics.

Altrenotti is a new way of imagining repose.

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