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The full expression of Altrenotti’s creativity

Altrenotti’s mattresses are the result of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technological processes. The aim is to create mattresses and boxsprings able to meet the needs of each individual person, to accompany them during the most important moment of their life, sleep.

Top quality materials

The extremely high quality of sleep offered by Altrenotti’s mattresses is also due to the top quality raw materials used for the structure. Natural, breathable and hypoallergenic, they are skilfully worked by craftsmen to form the layers of the mattress, offering exceptional comfort. 

Each to their own

Almost one hundred years of experience in the mattress sector has allowed Altrenotti to develop a comprehensive concept of mattresses with varying degrees of firmness and bearing capacity to offer everyone the possibility of finding the mattress for the perfect sleep based on their physical and structural needs. 


The perfect combination of innovative raw materials and quality

For almost a hundred years, Altrenotti has been the spokesperson for “well-being through rest”. Alongside the luxury line, it has created quality mattress collections made with selected materials, all characterised by particular sartorial attention.

Mattress Prime

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Altrenotti is a new way of imagining repose.

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