Sleep Guide

Experience, craftsmanship, noble materials and a team of expert designers make Altrenotti’s mattresses, beds and linen recognisable throughout the world as a symbol of Made in Italy excellence and healthy sleep.

Sleep is an essential moment of our life and necessary to re-establish the correct cognitive and behavioural functions every day. Sleeping well has positive effects on the body and mind, allowing us to free the mind from daily stress and contributing to reinforcing the immune system and regenerating muscles, skin and blood.


Correct sleep depends above all on the support we sleep on: bed base, box spring and mattress.   Thanks to the investments made by Altrenotti in research and development constantly over time, the company produces innovative box springs and mattresses able to favour the correct position of the spine and the body as a whole. Moreover, adequate support makes you feel as if you are floating on a cloud.


When we sleep, we use less energy and many physical activities, such as blood circulation and breathing, slow down. Consequently, also the body’s temperature tends to decrease, so correct perspiration is essential to accompany the body during the sleep.

Altrenotti prefers to use naturally wicking materials such as linen and cotton, able to absorb humidity and perform an important heat-regulating function.


The position of the spine is of paramount importance when we sleep. The right mattress allows the spine to stretch and assume the natural and physiological position. When we are lying down and our back is in a neutral position, the forces and tensions accumulated during the day on the discs due to postural, movement and emotional reasons are gradually released.  Consequently, the passage of nutrients or waste through the marrow is facilitated. In this way, sleep contributes to psychophysical wellness.

Altrenotti is a new way of imagining repose.

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