Altrenotti Regeneration

Altrenotti believes in the value of diversity of thought, exchange of ideas and cultural contamination. For this reason, over the years it has forged partnerships with extraordinary designers to create cutting-edge collections and meet the stylistic and aesthetic needs of a varied and demanding clientele.


Giorgio Ragazzini

Cultural contamination and exchange of ideas are fundamental values for Altrenotti. For this reason, we have been cultivating partnerships with exceptional designers for years to create unique collections.

Today we therefore would like to present one of the figures who have contributed to our creations for many years: Giorgio Ragazzini.

The relationship between Ragazzini and Altrenotti is a lasting and consolidated relationship, from which iconic beds such as the QB and the Bastian were born.

An eclectic, charismatic and creative professional, Giorgio Ragazzini expresses his talent in various fields: from design to art direction, from interior design to event planning and organization, bringing great attention to details and placing emotion as the core of each project.

A quality and an emotion that have contributed to the success of Altrenotti beds all over the world.


Simone Micheli

Among its collaborations, the Altrenotti team also boasts the participation of an internationally renowned architect such as Simone Micheli.

Successful products were born from this partnership, such as the beautiful Fly bed from the Country Living collection.

With an international and multicultural background and experience – his design company Simone Micheli Architectural Hero is based in Florence, Milan, Puntaldia, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Rabat (Morocco) and Busan (Korea) – Micheli focuses on the creation of architectures, spaces and objects characterized by a particular attention to the environment and sustainability.

His technical and creative talent are expressed in a wide range of professional activities and projects that have achieved national and international recognition.


Elena Arkhipova

Altrenotti’s interest in knowing and communicating with different countries and cultures, has allowed the company to meet Elena Arkhipova, a Moscow architect, designer and entrepreneur who has been the trait d’union between Italian design and Russia.

Thanks to her skills and her innate talent, Arkhipova has received numerous awards throughout her career, including the special award for contribution to the interior industry by Elle Decoration.

With great experience in the world of industrial design and furniture, Elena Arkhipova and her studio represent the latest news in the Altrenotti world.

A newly born collaboration, which will give life to interesting products and collections, which we will tell you about shortly.


Giuseppe Viganò

Among the exceptional partners, we are proud to also present Giuseppe Viganò, a newcomer to the prestigious parterre of the Altrenotti designers.

Art, fashion and poetry are for Viganò the occasion and the inspiration to give shape to his renowned products and projects. A transversal approach between culture and design that is in tune with the Altrenotti philosophy.

In addition to the search for references that come from the arts, a peculiarity of his work is the experimentation and use of a new material, which becomes a starting point for the conception of a product or an entire collection.

His outstanding talent and very high professionalism have allowed him to collaborate with important companies in the sector, among which the name Altrenotti stands out today.

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