Flannel Night

Altrenotti’s creations wear the iconic fabrics by Vitale Barberis Canonico at the Milano Design Week 2023
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The meeting between Altrenotti and Vitale Barberis Canonico is undoubtedly the one of two kindred spirits. These two companies were both born in the Piedmont area, where they soon became influential testimonials of a sartorial savoir-faire, in their quest toward the creation of a kind of comfort that does not give up on also providing style. Altrenotti is a Turin-based reality and its brand is synonymous with providing well-being in rest since four generations, while Vitale Barberis Canonico is a Biellese wool mill with a centuries-old history, and the two have come together again for the Milano Design Week 2023, through an installation that offers an insight in their shared passion in the search of a combination between offering the highest possible quality and maintaining manufacturing tradition.  

Taking place inside of Vitale Barberis Canonico’s showroom in via Solferino 23 in Milan, the “Flannel Night” event focuses on showcasing the concept of all-around “comfort”

which is visual, tactile and experiential in naturE

Doing so through the collections of these two brands, integrated in perfect harmony. The Altrenotti beds, designed by Altrenotti LAB and by designers Giorgio Ragazzini and Giuseppe Viganò, are dressed in Vitale Barberis Canonico’s iconic woollen flannel, which thus displays itself in the design world through its material weaves and deep colors.

Follow the dream woven by expert hands for centuries, a praise to quality and Italian craftsmanship.

The large exhibition space welcomes seven proposals by Altrenotti, from the company’s newest designs to their best sellers, that find themselves in harmony with the dimensions of softness and elegance that frames them

Each of these pieces is “stripped” in its authenticity

The mattresses are despoiled of their traditional linen, in order to show the materials and the manufacturing processes that give them their shape. Thus are the Biorest MOOD and Biorest Country Living Collection (with natural Green Cotton padding, horsehair and THINDOWN®, the first real down fabric in the world), which is the result of Altrenotti’s research, that has been able to revolutionize the concept of good sleep. The Biorest line, in addition to providing different lifts and stiffnesses, indeed combines materials of great value (such as a blend of cashmere and bamboo) with innovative and breathable materials, in order to provide constant well-being. It is the upholstery of the headboards and of the sommier that are, therefore, embellished with Vitale Barberis Canonico’s fabrics, which emphasize their design and frame, thus offering them a new kind of expressiveness.


After fulling, namely the light felting that makes it more compact, the fabric is brushed to obtain its characteristic fur, then adjusted by clipping; finally, its weight makes it suitable for winter-day dresses with remarcable personality. In this molt it is impossibe to forget Gianni Agnelli’s double breasts, which have created an icon in the history of fashion. The result is a fabric with a pearly luminescence and a natural warmth, which is both mysterious and authentic and also capable of providing charm to the male wardrobe and to products of design, like “Flannel Night” shows us. 

The setting is enhanced by the new LIFT bed by Altrenotti, designed by Giorgio Ragazzini and exclusively rolled out at the Fuorisalone

Both elegant and versatile, artistic yet informal

LIFT makes its debut at the “Flannel Night”, dressed by Vitale Barberis Canonico, who has chosen for this model a white and gray flannel. Suspended on light and delicately tilted feet, which add a light and airy effect to the geometric composition, LIFT finds its key feature in its playful headboard. This was developed with ample padding and is divided into a double set of cushion folded on themselves, which can be lifted, raised or closed manually: so as to provide the user with multiple levels of comfort. This element is an aesthetic detail, but is also very functional, and so it reflects Altrenotti’s contemporary vision: the bed is a place for rest, but also a place for work, reading, conviviality and relaxation at any time. Such dynamism finds a tender accomplice in LIFT.
The scenography is completed with THINDOWN® duvets and pillows made by Altrenotti, that enrich and give rhythm to the environment. These are all made from natural materials, and provide a perfect combination with the mattresses, completing the image of an all-around “wellness system”. 


Flannel Night
Altrenotti & Vitale Barberis Canonico


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