Soul Collection

Its determined design and masculine character are emphasized by a headboard slightly prominent. The softly padded shapes create a plea- sant contrast with the refined metal feet. Model Miage as all the beds
of Soul Collection is available with a base in three heights 12cm, 22 cm, 29 cm and with a various types of feet.


All the beds of Soul Collection are available with base in 3 different heights 12 cm | 22 cm | 29 cm.

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  • 90 x 190 / 2000
  • 100 x 190 / 200
  • 120 x 190 / 200
  • 140 x 190 / 200
  • 160 x 190 / 200
  • 180 / 200
  • L 140 x P 212/222 
  • L 150 x P 212/222
  • L 170 x P 212/222
  • L 190 x P 212/222
  • L 210 x P 212/222 
  • L 230 x P 222 


12 cm

With bed base h 12 cm, feet with height
between 22 cm and 25 cm are recommended. 

22 cm

With bed base h 22 cm, feet with height between 12 cm and 18 cm are recommended.

29 cm

With bed base h 29 cm, feet no higher than 13 cm are recommended.

Bauletto® container

Bed bases height 22 cm and 29 cm are available in 3 versions standard slatted bed
base or storage bauletto with frontal opening or mechanism easy-up at the same level of bed frame. The internal space of storage base can be easily clean thanks to a stain resistant cover fabric and the two panels are completely removable by means of handles. 

bauletto® easy-up

Absolute comfort

The Altrenotti bed collections interpret different styles and needs, but they all have some characteristics in common: they embrace you, they are sublime and they favour a good night’s sleep.

Stylistic variety

With six collection and almost one hundred models, Altrenotti offers a rich and varied range of beds to meet the stylistic and functional needs of a demanding public.

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