Designer Collection

The iconic QB system takes shape from simple, freely combinable modules, a solid base to support the mattress, soft cushions, and objects, all in total freedom. Perfectly consistent with Altrenotti’s philosophy, the QB system comes from a clear architectural vision: a strict line giving the bed a particular feeling of security, with determined proportions and a distinctive personality that allows it to be transformed at any time.
The simple aspect gives rise to a sophisticated language that can be infinitely declined: a narrative that, in its completeness, could continue without interruption. Each element of QB is completely removable.

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Designer Collection

Offering the best sleep experience, always: this is the philosophy that inspires Altrenotti’s Designers Collection. Under the guidance of Mario Panero, Giuseppe Viganò, Giorgio Ragazzini, and Altrenotti LAB give their personal interpretation of a bed, fusing modernity and elegance. The result is a series of products with recognizable and contemporary designs, experimenting with new widths and proportions, playing with the idea of softness, movement of elements and modularity. In all cases, its style and personality triumphs.

Design Altrenotti Lab


Elite collection art. Taiga col. 90/2

Bed linen

Satin Purity Virhome collection col. Bianco Ottico satin stitch embroidery col. Titanio

Total look e massima personalizzazione

La cura e la grande passione per i dettagli e la qualità fanno della Why Not?! Collection di Altrenotti l’esempio di una cultura artigianale applicata all’industrial design, coniugando armoniosamente aspetti tecnologici, estetici ed emozionali. Questa collezione è espressione di una cultura che si nutre di memoria, delle sue forme e delle sue suggestioni, e le traduce in oggetti contemporanei, confortevoli e funzionali. Perché il bello va vissuto ogni giorno e ogni notte. Why Not?!

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